Ebanx Latin American shopify payment gateway

Photo by ISABELA NAIARA MATILDE on Pexels.com

Why Ebanx shopify ?

Boom If your Shopify dropshipping shop in Latin amarican coutry like Brazil and Mexico get Ebanx.
With Shopify trend in ltin amarica, those stores have a high traffic volum from Brazilians and Mexicans. but continue with low sales. Why? Because Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay and other global payment systems are not widely used by Latin America, customers, that commonly prefer to pay with their Local Payment Methods. so it works there.

But here is our Recommended payment solutions

Ebanx Latin American Stats for now,

450+ ebankers

15 nationalities

700+ merchants

45+million end-users

Ebanx story,

Since our founding in 2012, our aim is to make the world an explorable place for Latin Americans, and Latin America a possible region for international companies to enter. By offering local payment methods in 7 different countries across LatAm we are conquering these desire day after day and already helped over 500 merchants expand their business into the region and over 40 million Latin Americans to access global services and products.

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