What wrong with ORU Marketplace?

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Did you notice Something ORU marketplace payment system?

There many people claiming to be ORU market place good way to replace Paypal, but didn’t you notice they use PayPal to collect money from people who want to use it

Wrong thing is

They are asking pay money to earn money just like those MLM scheme type business, they should open it totally new,, another thing it says  people can use ORu market place free but only you can create a free account but from there you can not use it anymore

because they start to hype you up with forcing to pay onetime setup fee and monthly subscription. they also want us to pay with paypal ha hahah  🙂

What a joke

ORU you ask innocent new people to pay for there system,, That’s not right. hey, should give it free and maybe charged a fee or something for transactions..

but all they want is recurring income for their pockets. yea maybe lots going on with there useless features and they also want to share little bit cents with members who pay them monthly.

Who promote it like MLM

Internet Marketers MLM marketers, who got MLM mindset and background,, they the one who going to win and make some money from 95% newbies who may be new to the online market place.  if you see this post pls run or cancel their subscription ask at least give it all free access and free members have to pay for transactions that not bad right? they have spent like servers maintenance, employees, time, SEO all other fun stuff to pay for

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ORU Marketplace

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legit Payment gateway system should not be a place to pay money to use it it should be a gatewat people can use and pay fees for transactions – Shan Cladvi

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