Does Pay hip better digital download solution ?

Payhip is a online cart system that business owners can deliver digital products and memberships through their cart.

why Payhip is your all-in-one solution to sell your ebooks, software and all types of digital files. If you can save it, then you can sell it. Everything you need to sell your work and grow your business.

Does Payhim work for selling digital goods?

here are some features..

Accept sales from anywhere You can sell directly to your customers from your website, social media, blog or anywhere at all. Increase conversion rates The checkout is highly tuned to increase conversion rates. Customers can complete a purchase in seconds. Instant downloads Customers will be able to instantly download the files after purchase. Download page is emailed to them too

How to super charge sales usig payhip

Harness the power of affiliates, recruit friends and colleagues and reward them when they make a sale.

Fuel your sales growth by tapping into social media, give discounts to customers who tweet and like.

Run promotional campaigns with flexible coupons. Limit their use, add expiration dates and much more.

Sync your customers to directly to your mailing lists on MailChimp, CampaignMonitor and many more.

Customise all parts of your checkout to fit your branding and make customers feel at home

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