What is Rotessa from Canada

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A better way to get paid – Rotessa.com

You can take out cash straight from your customer’s bank account when their payments are due. Schedule one-time or recurring payments to get paid on time.

Payments you can bank on

Rotessa is an online application for small businesses to get paid through any bank or credit union. This means, if your customer has a bank account, you can get paid through Rotessa.

Get paid on time
Take control of your cash flow and schedule electronic bank payments when your customers’ payments are due. Never wait on late payments again.

Save on processing fees
Pay a flat-rate fee based on transaction volume — not percentage like credit cards. Only pay for what you use, no minimum fee required.

Improve your workflow
Set up recurring payments for ongoing customers. Rotessa works with your accounting software and will deposit funds directly to your bank account.

Schedule payments, get paid
Rotessa is an online software that makes it easy to withdraw payments from your customers’ bank accounts.


Add customers
Whether they are new to bank payments, or you have existing PADs, start with adding your customers into Rotessa. They can be added manually, in bulk, or through your accounting software.


Get authorization
We provide several tools to collect your authorizations. By default they are open authorizations.

You can send authorization requests to single or multiple customers via email. If you already have existing PADs, or if you want to upload a physical document, they can be stored in your customer’s profile.


Create transaction
You can schedule one-time or recurring payments in Rotessa. Set the amount, frequency, and date for Rotessa to pull from your customers’ bank account. Connecting your accounting software also allows you to schedule payments based on invoices for variable amounts. If you have a large volume of transactions, check out our CSV imports or API solutions. Your business name will be displayed on your customers’ bank statement, so there is never any confusion.


Get paid
The processing date on your scheduled transaction is the day the money will be withdrawn from your customer’s account. You will receive the settlement of funds 4 to 5 business days later, so schedule accordingly. On the settlement day, a report will be generated in Rotessa for your records. Declined transactions and their reasons will be easily displayed.

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