What is Div dot payments

Divdot secure online payments ?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Online business can get (receive) and also send cash payments only at flat transaction fee using divdot com state of art new transaction tech.

No transfer limit.
No percentage charge.
No tedious paper work.

Inside DIVDOT ypu can manage all your transactions under one roof

Pay suppliers

Collect payment from customers

Set-up recurring transactions

Move money between your own accounts at different institutions

Send and receive no limit payments for a flat fee no crazy %%%

Why div dot?

No limit transactions
95% Savings on admin costs
Eliminate hidden costs of cheques, tedious paperwork and reduce time spent on reconciling payments.

Full cash flow transparency
Monitor transactions every step of the way with real-time payment tracking.

also send large sums

Payment speed
Accelerated payment speed
Improve your cash flow and save time chasing after payments. Funds are transmitted within 48h or less.

A stress-free payment experience for you and your customers
Initiate transaction
Fast Initiation

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