What is currenxie.com ?

Its global business account for small business all around the world, according to their sologon it says

Borderless businesses use a Currenxie Global Account®

Global payment accounts

Payments Pay and get paid globally. With real-time payout and collections in dozens of countries and currencies, you always have the local advantage. Plus, you access real mid-market FX rates for cross-border transactions.

An easier way to send, receive, convert, and borrow funds.

International finance in an app. A Global Account gives you access to payments, foreign exchange, Visa cards, and financing – everything your business needs to go global.

One online account for all your needs, and at a lower cost.

Open your account online and manage it wherever you go. With no set-up or maintenance fees, you use only what you need, when you need it.


Spend anywhere. Use your Global Account funds for online and offline payments with the Currenxie Card. With a global merchant network ready to accept Visa, you’re equipped for any expense.


Grow now. We empower businesses with the cash they need to grow. Whether it’s invoice factoring or eCommerce financing, we have a solution. Quickly access and manage your funds all from the Global Account.

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