paymentrails com for payouts

The best way for small or large businesses to pay outs on-demand for people.

Things you can do with Payment Rails

Your Complete Payout Platform
The Payment Rails platform gives you access to the Payment Rails global network and the ability to use your own accounts to plug and pay

Global Bank Transfers
Local bank transfers into 60+ countries. SWIFT Bank Transfers worldwide to over 220+ countries.

VISA and MasterCard Transfers
Transfer funds electronically to any existing VISA or MasterCard Credit or Debit Card.

Mobile Money
Pay people in developing countries instantly to their mobile money account, such as M-PESA, bKash & AirTel Money.

Other important features

No more need to juggle multiple bank accounts, currencies, FX and payment methods

Multiple Currencies
Pick a currency, any currency! We got it.

Worldwide Coverage
One platform. Global reach. Access new markets as you scale your business

Payment Options
More payment options for your recipients

Plug and Play
Use your own PayPal wallet for a simplified and integrated experience

White Label Platform
Your brand is king. You take the credit while we support you.

The issue is this company charge month what so ever…

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