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Move your money between countries

We have seen how you can use TranferWise online money moves, but can they really help? And can the money transfer to India be cheaper?

Yes, they can, and you can get them cheaper than you could for a bank-to-bank transfer.

“TranferWise uses our global system of trading partners to provide you with the most competitive rates available for the cheapest cross border money transfers from India to Australia. Transfer times from India to Australia are one of the best ever when using TranferWise”

That’s what the transfer quote says. And it’s true.

The money transfer speed from India to Australia is among the best ever with the use of this method.

The reason?

TranferWise uses our global network of trusted money transfer agents from Australia (known as Transfers from Australia), the UK (known as Transfers from the UK) and the USA (known as Transfers from the USA)

So, you could be in Mumbai, for example, to send £100,000 to Perth. TranferWise will find an agent in the UK that can do a money transfer from Mumbai to the UK. At least, that’s what they recommend.

We do this all the time. We have no agents in India we call ourselves. Transfers from Australia through TranferWise is the cheapest that we can find. (It could cost a bit more if you don’t have the best agent, though).

We like our customers to know that. Otherwise, we don’t like to lose any potential customers to competitors.

For the record, all our money transfers are free. No bank transaction fees at all,

The cheap, fast way to send money abroad,

We are very proud to announce that Tranferwise is no longer just a website. Since we have opened our doors on June 22nd, we have begun working on the Tranferwise 2.0 program.

The name “Tranferwise” was used by our founder to describe how we will revolutionize money transfer, sending, receiving, and managing money. We are now ready to launch this amazing product with our new development and brand. As a very early example of what we need to create in order to bring the next level in the money transfer industry, we have developed a new product in two years.

Tranferwise has opened an office in Hong Kong, and is currently developing a series of products that will change the way people manage their money. Because your money is now sitting in more than 30 countries and territories as we have more financial institutions involved, we want to make sure that Tranferwise will always be at the forefront of technology and have the right products that can offer you the best, the fastest way to send, receive, and manage your money.

It’s important that you see, however, that we are not yet ready to announce our products and launch our brand. This process is not yet clear to us. We’re still working on our products and our company name. However, we would also like to make sure that we bring the greatest product and service to you before we announce that we’re doing the first in this series of products, and we’re ready to launch the second one.

The Tranferwise 2.0 series is now open to the general public and we are taking questions about the upcoming second product development and how the Tranferwise is evolving. We are also accepting questions about the new platform.

Receive money from around the world,

Receive money from around the world in 1 step Tranfer wise.com: Receive money from around the world in 1 step

What is the best way to withdraw money from a Swiss bank account after closing their account?

What do you need to do to withdraw money from your bank account?

Switzerland is like a dream holiday for many international students (US, UK and other) and international professionals. The country is in terms of quality of life on par with any destination in the world. The only real “downside” is one has to get up early the morning after to catch the next flight back to the US, because there won’t be any flight the night before, as most hotels do not allow guests to check-out more than 4 hours prior to their departure time.

If you decide that a Switzerland trip is for you be prepared to do a LOT of work. It’s much cheaper to do your banking in a Switzerland bank than to do it in the US or anywhere else. Be aware, though, that most bank in the country have automated teller machines that will not even let you withdraw less than 10 Euros. So you’ll need a special card that allows you to withdraw over €2000 in total, and your credit card doesn’t let you withdraw anything in under €50. So be prepared to have a good selection of debit and credit cards handy.

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