What is Gcash

does gcash mean google cash
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Does Gcash mean Google Cash?

Nope that’s totally wrong GCash is a Philippine based e wallet payments that help mobile and online and also got their own no branch banking service.

GCash values your account’s security

GCash values your account’s security by storing your cryptocurrency at the highest possible levels,” the company says, as reported by Forbes. This way, it can prevent fraud from others who hold this currency in their wallet, even if they are using an address which hasn’t been verified by Gcash!

To use the service effectively, you need to have your own seed phrase, or private key, to access your private keys in the service’s wallet. Since you need to keep your private key safe, Gcash ensures that you save it on the service’s servers and that nobody else can access your account unless you give them your seed phrase.

About Gcash: Gcash: Gcash is a leading crypto wallet service, founded on the Blockchain. Since its launch in March, 2014, the platform has been providing secure, free and anonymous transactions to its users. Gcash’s blockchain is 100% transparent, and users are able to track transactions’ progress to track their balances and to obtain transaction history history. This way, users can be confident that the data recorded in their accounts are genuine. Gcash: Gcash is funded by grants from the US and UK governments, is available on various platforms including Apple and Google devices, and has recently launched their wallet in mobile and desktop platforms, as well as for Apple Watch devices.

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GCash is building a cashless ecosystem

What is Gcash: GCash is building an ecosystem for the unbanked that allows consumers to have access to their bank accounts, regardless of their payment methods. This technology has been developed with mobile applications for the smartphone and the merchant payment channel of the bank. The GCash system enables the consumer to pay in installments using a debit/credit card, a mobile payment, or direct deposit at the bank.

The company, founded by GCL CEO Eileen Ang in 2015, is currently in its first phase of deployment in the Philippines, where they are establishing presence in malls and shopping centres. They have also been invited to the launch of an e-commerce network in India with their partners and are already making strides in this sphere.

The company has plans to expand to other countries and regions on the globe, including developing a network in Europe and establishing partnerships with various financial institutions.

Ang said during the earnings call: “We have started with 100 locations in the Philippines. Currently, we have 50 merchants in the retail sector and 5 banks. We have 4,800 cardholders with a total of 22,000 cardholders on GCash. It is very gratifying to be in the Philippines. It doesn’t look like a big opportunity; however, we believe this is a great market.”

At the time of launch, GCash said that there should be a clear demand in the market for this service for unbanked people. GCash said that there should be at least 500,000 people a day using the system.

In a separate video from the Q&A session where Ang answered questions on various topics such as GCash’s plans for the future, there were a lot of questions that were about the financial sustainability of the project, especially if the consumer base remains.

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