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What is paycertify com?

They say they help you Scale Your Business Without Limits. lets see what they got…

The PayCertify got plans to increases your income revenue up to 10% through somthing they call “frictionless payment processing“, with automated cash management. Also they add secure fraud control.

They consider small business is 1st, By offering a complete solution for simple and frictionless online payments. PayCertify takes the hassle out of accepting and making payments so you can focus on your business while increasing revenue even before increasing sales.

3 main features they got

Scale Without Limits Growth is full of challenges – scaling up your processing abilities shouldn’t be one of them.

Easily Customize & Integrate Good opportunities don’t wait long – start increasing you revenue immediately.

Keep More Revenue Your costs should be lower – get paid back up to 2% of your supplier media payments

offer a complete solution for simple and frictionless online payments. PayCertify takes the hassle out of accepting and making payments so you can focus on your business while increasing revenue even before increasing sales.


Heard of alliedwallet ?

Today topic is about alliedwallet com have you ever heard of it?

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WE just came across with it and want to share with you bit about it..

They call it Smarter Credit Card Processing & Merchant Services by Allied wallet.

with Allied Wallet is one of the leading turnkey payment gateway solutions in the industry. With more than a billion dollars processed globally and millions of satisfied customers to our credit, we make sure your payment processing is reliable around the clock.

Dedicated to Providing Simple E-commerce Tools Allied Wallet has powerful tools and resources available that can help companies hit the ground running from day one. Flexible, full-featured credit card processing services are hard to find, but we can customize a solution for every type of customer. We go the extra mile to ensure that all transactions are encrypted and secure using state-of-the-art payment processing technology.

Features of the wallet

Multi-Currency We provide payment services in 196 countries and accept nearly every payment method globally.

Safe Payments Securely accept payments online and keep your business and your customers protected at all times.

Ease of UseWith a seamless, hassle-free integration to our payment gateway, you can avoid a long integration processes.

Don’t Settle for LessWe’re a top-rated, award winning payment processor in North America and Europe for our outstanding service.

here is there blog to learn more

What is plastiq payment?

How Plastiq Work
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Plastiq payments,

Plastiq is a bill pay service for savvy consumers and businesses seeking an edge. By allowing you to use a credit card for virtually any expense, even ones like rent or key supplies that normally require a check, we make it possible to earn credit card rewards, tap early-payment discounts, and use your cash flow in the way that makes most sense to you.

How Plastiq Works?

All you have to do is send info who we want to pay our recipient as. Good thing is you can do it as a guest without having t have Plastiq account. Give Plastiq  Recipient name and billing information, Recipient real address or direct deposit details and Payment amount.

Step 2 on Plastiq

Plastiq charges from your credit or debit card. As a transaction happens Plastiq receives a small fee for service. CYou may harged as a purchase, not cash advance 2.5% transaction fee for credit cards No need membership fees pay monthly for use service.

Last step

Plastiq pays on your behalf Your recipient gets paid by check, wire transfer, or ACH transfer. Recipient receives payment You get an email notification Track updates in your account. is that cool way to send money? isn’t it…

Services or people who can use it..
  • Auto Leases
  • Auto Purchase
  • Business Services
  • Club Fees
  • Mortgage
  • Contractors
  • Employees
  • Freelancers
  • Insurance
  • Legal Services
  • Rent/ Lease
  • Tuition
  • Taxes
  • Utilities

Zelle app as a payment gateway?

Zelle app? How it works..

They call is a fast safe and easy method to do modern money transactions via mobile and web. It is like you don’t have to run into a store Automated teller machine ATM. They also use Traditional mailing cheques. Zelle can use to send and receive day to day money with an easy mind no stress running around just from your phone or laptop.

Zelle app can mainly use to send money to people you know related not to strangers or scammers its a banking app or even through Zelle app if the bank does not offer Zelle transactions.

Here are 3 easy steps make ZELLE work…

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Easy STEP 1

Get Access to Zelle app/web
You will be able to find Zelle app from there partners in a mobile banking app. Some people already have the banking and there no need to download anything else. But some cases if that bank or financial institution now Zelle facility yet users can easily download the zelle inbuilt app via android app market or apple app store. then get access to Zelle thas complete 1st step

Easy STEP 2

Zelle app trusted by people you may know to send and receive money so you have to pick the person you want to do the transaction with. Once you signed up with this app Zelle all you need is there a phone number or working email address pf your other parties.

Easy STEP 3

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In step 3 you have to decide the money amount you want to send or receive easily enter the amount  keep it mind if the person or other party already enrolled with ZLLE app this transaction easier than cake and safer too, That way Money you send will go directly to their bank account they added in their account its not take days to complete its happen in moments. if they do not have it they simply get email or app notification saying how they can get their money that sit

What wrong with ORU Marketplace?

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Did you notice Something ORU marketplace payment system?

There many people claiming to be ORU market place good way to replace Paypal, but didn’t you notice they use PayPal to collect money from people who want to use it

Wrong thing is

They are asking pay money to earn money just like those MLM scheme type business, they should open it totally new,, another thing it says  people can use ORu market place free but only you can create a free account but from there you can not use it anymore

because they start to hype you up with forcing to pay onetime setup fee and monthly subscription. they also want us to pay with paypal ha hahah  🙂

What a joke

ORU you ask innocent new people to pay for there system,, That’s not right. hey, should give it free and maybe charged a fee or something for transactions..

but all they want is recurring income for their pockets. yea maybe lots going on with there useless features and they also want to share little bit cents with members who pay them monthly.

Who promote it like MLM

Internet Marketers MLM marketers, who got MLM mindset and background,, they the one who going to win and make some money from 95% newbies who may be new to the online market place.  if you see this post pls run or cancel their subscription ask at least give it all free access and free members have to pay for transactions that not bad right? they have spent like servers maintenance, employees, time, SEO all other fun stuff to pay for

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legit Payment gateway system should not be a place to pay money to use it it should be a gatewat people can use and pay fees for transactions – Shan Cladvi

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