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Ziftpay advance payments gateway

What is Ziftpay?

Its new state of art new generation payment gateway who server payments as a service.

At Zift is professional in payment technology that helps businesses of all shapes and sizes grow their profits and income, growth, and customer loyalty. Able to advance your software program, expand the eCommerce experience and maximize your marketplace… partner with us and enjoy the brighter side of payments!

Build enterprise level payment technology that is flexible enough for businesses of all sizes to accept and process payments. All payment methods are facilitated through our API loaded with useful and functional elements that allows developers to create sophisticated payment solutions.

Ziftpay features,

Ziftpay advance payments gateway

Split Funding with Paypal.

Giving credit where it’s due. PayPal was early on the scene with adaptive payment abilities. Merchants that want to take advantage of this capability must have a PayPal business account, an existing website and apply for permission. But once approved, social networking widget owners and mobile phone application providers, for example, can divide payment as allowed by PayPal adaptive payments technology.

Some businesses require greater flexibility or want to accept payments in ways that don’t fit within the existing split payment models, however. They often want PaaS software included with software they’re already buying anyway that can meet their needs without restrictions or added complications.

Jvzoo now integrated with them to use this split features.

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Worldremit Money Transfer system

What is Worldremit Money Transfer system?

Online Money Transfer to friends and family abroad with WorldRemit. You can now send money easily & securely with guaranteed exchange rates and low fees.

How it works?

1st where to send money, it support right now 140 plus countries 2nd depend on the country you can setup Bank deposit

3rd how much,, you get best lowest fees and exchanges rates rightways on the system 4th info about the person who receives money last select how you like to pay and send ( you have to have an account and integrated bank account info 1st place all that it is.

here our number 1 Money Transfer system better than any other. contact us here

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Alipay payment gateway

Do you know who owns Ali Pay?

Its another big venture from Alibaba. Jack Ma, who founded e-commerce giant Alibaba Group and helped launch China’s online business to the world.

Feature Alipay

  • Transfer Payments instant get to your account
  • Scan QR code more safe and mobile
  • Also safe payment code each time more secure infrastructure
  • Get direct payment from overseas merchants authentic and branded
  • Transport without tranship new concept from Alipay
  • More ways to earn
  • Security
  • Mobile and medical payments

Alipay cons.

As it is Chinese Original. it’s hard to use in western countries like USA & canada.its made for China.


Even its from China it is a good payment gateway.

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How another Payment system

Ebanx Latin American shopify payment gateway

Why Ebanx shopify ?

Boom If your Shopify dropshipping shop in Latin amarican coutry like Brazil and Mexico get Ebanx.
With Shopify trend in ltin amarica, those stores have a high traffic volum from Brazilians and Mexicans. but continue with low sales. Why? Because Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay and other global payment systems are not widely used by Latin America, customers, that commonly prefer to pay with their Local Payment Methods. so it works there.

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Ebanx Latin American Stats for now,

450+ ebankers

15 nationalities

700+ merchants

45+million end-users

Ebanx story,

Since our founding in 2012, our aim is to make the world an explorable place for Latin Americans, and Latin America a possible region for international companies to enter. By offering local payment methods in 7 different countries across LatAm we are conquering these desire day after day and already helped over 500 merchants expand their business into the region and over 40 million Latin Americans to access global services and products.

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Why Veem

What is Veem Payment Gateway

Veem is Global payment system

Using Veem small business can send money around the world to any parties involved with the, Helps Save time and focus on your business. Veem take care of all small business financial need and money with their simple but state of art payments process and accurate tracking methods.

Their mission is to simplify payments for small businesses everywhere

Services and prices built for every transaction volume

  • No transaction fees for payments in USD to local currency
  • Competitive foreign exchange rates
  • Get paid to pay with VeemBack Rewards