Ziftpay advance payments gateway

What is Ziftpay?

Its new state of art new generation payment gateway who server payments as a service.

At Zift is professional in payment technology that helps businesses of all shapes and sizes grow their profits and income, growth, and customer loyalty. Able to advance your software program, expand the eCommerce experience and maximize your marketplace… partner with us and enjoy the brighter side of payments!

Build enterprise level payment technology that is flexible enough for businesses of all sizes to accept and process payments. All payment methods are facilitated through our API loaded with useful and functional elements that allows developers to create sophisticated payment solutions.

Ziftpay features,

Ziftpay advance payments gateway

Split Funding with Paypal.

Giving credit where it’s due. PayPal was early on the scene with adaptive payment abilities. Merchants that want to take advantage of this capability must have a PayPal business account, an existing website and apply for permission. But once approved, social networking widget owners and mobile phone application providers, for example, can divide payment as allowed by PayPal adaptive payments technology.

Some businesses require greater flexibility or want to accept payments in ways that don’t fit within the existing split payment models, however. They often want PaaS software included with software they’re already buying anyway that can meet their needs without restrictions or added complications.

Jvzoo now integrated with them to use this split features.

But here is our Recommended payment solutions


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